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Adopt & Don’t Shop

In honor of #nationalpetday, I thought it would be a nice treat to talk about someone so special in my life, my 2 year old cat (he’s still a kitten in my eyes), Chicken! Yes, I know what you’re thinking, this woman named her cat “Chicken”?? I’ve gone through so many names with Chick and this is the one that stuck, if you knew his actual personality, it would make sense.

It is such a crazy and beautiful thing that two different animals can come together and form such a strong bond of love and trust without having the same way to communicate. I can always count on Chicken to make me feel so happy and content with life. Studies even show that animals are good for you and your health, so it’s basically just another excuse to get more fur babies. I had childhood pets but there just is something so special about having Chicken in my life these past couple years. I hope everyone can experience the joy of having a fuzzy little friend as sweet as my Chicken because there are so many furry babies out there in need of a loving home.

There are MULTIPLE reasons why I love Chicken but these are the 8 I thought I would share with the world:

1. Psycho kitten at times- like right now, he’s running back and forth in between mine and Simon’s room. I swear he has cocaine and does it when I’m not watching.
2. He always has to be making eye contact or be in the same room as me when he is not being crazy kitten.
3. He is the biggest cuddle monster! He loves to nuzzles his head in my neck to go to sleep or he has to be perched on my shoulder while I’m binge watching some Netflix show.
4. Chicken has his own personality and it’s entertainment on its own to watch him do his thing. Curiosity does get the best of him sometimes and he does end up making a fool of himself.
5. Chicky greets me at the door every single time I come home. I know I can count on rubbing that tum every time I walk in the door. Once I’m about 5 minutes away from home, I just think of that sweet face greeting me.
6. He is the most adorable kitten I’ve ever laid my eyes on. He has the ugliest crooked little tail which makes him a clumsy kitten and it also curls around my hand very oddly. I actually try avoiding it at all costs because it creeps me out. He will also let you squeeze and rub the fuzz anytime. Literally, you can plop him over and he lets you go crazy on the tummy.
7. He is the most vocal kitten I’ve ever known, we literally have conversations. If I ask how his day was, he will respond and then his meows are different depending on the questions I ask him. I know I sound crazy but I swear Chicken talks back to me. Ask Simon or Tara.
8. His fur gets all over my clothes, especially the black ones and it’s almost a little reminder throughout the day that he is there with me.

Even though I did get Chicken off of Craigslist, definitely try going to your local shelter to get your fur baby or donate to your local Humane Society to help out these pure little creatures. Animals are so precious so DO NOT get a pet if you don’t plan on taking care of it or having it in your life forever, that is just irresponsible and rude.

YOU are their world, love the fuzz accordingly.

Let me know about your fuzzies in the comments below!


  1. Britt Correia x Gypsy Sunday

    Aw! Such an adorable post. I don’t know why I’ve never featured my cats on my blog before! 🙂

    Check out my blog if you get a chance girl!

    22 . Apr . 2017
    • Rilee Schaefer

      Thanks so much for the love!
      I’ll definitely check your blog out!

      24 . Apr . 2017
  2. Tiffany Lea Zimmermann

    i totally agree with you! I have a lot of pets myself 🙂
    Love, Tiffany Lea

    23 . Apr . 2017
    • Rilee Schaefer

      Fur babies are the best babies!(:

      24 . Apr . 2017

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