Fashion / February 26, 2017

How to Style: Cheetah Coat

Can you tell that I like coats? I never get to wear them living in such sunny climates my whole life so when the weather hits 60 degrees, I call that reasoning to throw it on; even if people look at me weird. The “third piece” is an essential item to any of my go-to outfits and adding the pop of cheetah I have in this outfit truly just elevates it. I’ve had this cheetah coat in my closet for 2+ years and I’ve honestly barely worn it. I’m on this kick lately where I’m trying to re-use all my stuff I loved instead of replacing it with a new item every week. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE shopping but sometimes I need to be reminded why I loved and bought that item in the first place. So after going through and cleaning out my closet of items I knew were not my style anymore, I decided that I can never go wrong with a cheetah print coat, so let me start there.

Cheetah Print Coat

In my first outfit, I paired my mock neck sleeveless knitsweater from Forever21 and my favorite black ripped knee Topshop jean. I was doing a lot of walking that day so I threw on my flat black booties from Guess! I love the gold detailing on the back, that’s what really sold me.  Then I felt the outfit needed a red lip, my favorite Black Chanel black aviators and my go-to gold chained black purse!

In my second outfit, I was going out that day with my friend Nathanael, who so kindly takes most of my outfit pictures! Thanks booboo! For this day, I paired my same black Topshop Jeans, a Zara plain white tee,  my thigh high Jeffrey Campbell boots, and my cheetah coat! I also wanted a more girly vibe so I threw on my adorable baby pink cross body from Zara and some cat eye sunglasses from Windsor. I loved how it came out!

Both outfits are perfect for a day out!

Cheetah Coat and Thigh High Boots

Cheetah Coat and Thigh High Boots

You can never go wrong with a cheetah print coat, they give me such Kate Moss vibes and who doesn’t want that? Plus it’s like Chicken is with me at all times. I got mine from Forever21 about 2+ years ago so there isn’t an exact link. But I did find these beautiful ones for you! You can get one herehere, and here.  Also, here are these cheetah shoes I wish I got my hands on but my size is sold out! I just love how much cheetah print can elevate any outfit no matter how small of  a detail it is from a clutch to a pair of shoes.

Let me know something you love and wear all the time!

I wonder how many times I said cheetah in this post?



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