Beauty / August 21, 2017

My Secret Weapon to Smooth Skin

Okay guys, I’m bringing you one of my newest additions to my skin care regime; Biossance Squalane + Vitamin C Rose Oil. I’ve been using this product for around a couple of months and I’ve been loving what it’s been doing for my skin. I’ve been able to wear no foundation and just a pea sized dot of some light coverage BB Cream as a base. Plus, just take a look at the packaging.. it just is asking for me to use it.

This past year, I’ve really been putting an emphasis on taking care of my skin. I feel that my face almost looks better with less makeup now and I’m also loving that I can sleep in a little later instead of taking two hours to put a face on. With acknowledging what is going on my skin and how I’m treating it, I’ve been taking into account the ingredients I’m putting on there as well. I don’t have terribly sensitive skin but I would rather use products with less chemicals and nasty ingredients in them that a lot of big named companies use.


So what is Squalane?? That was my first question too. Upon research, I found out our body naturally produces its own version of this mega moisturizing molecule; but as you age, the production of it slows down. So what Biossance did was create a sustainable 100% plant-based squalane from sugarcane. They added an oil soluble Vitamin C complex to this oil that brightens, firms, and even skin tone and texture. You can say this oil has definitely been my secret weapon to skipping the foundation these past couple months.

In addition to the Beauty Oil, I purchased their Squalane + Peptide Eye Gel. They claim the eye gel reduces puffiness and dark circles. As I don’t suffer from those horribly, I can’t completely back up these claims but it definitely has given me a lot of moisture and my makeup sits very nicely on top of it. I love the gel because it gives this cooing effect and also is very lightweight so  it doesn’t cause those pesky milia bumps.


If these amazing products don’t make you love Biossance, they are huge advocate about pioneering sustainable beauty through biotechnology. So not only is their skin care effective, they also create products that are sustainable and don’t harm the environment or animals; proving that it’s possible to create products without bad ingredients.


You can purchase Biossance products here or on Sephora. If you purchase from their site you get two free samples and free shipping on orders of $50 or more. I’ll be doing an updated skin care routine once I find a couple more products to add to my arsenal but in the mean time, here is my old one. 


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